Bog War 5772

CGI Montreal Bog War

Theme Song of the Team of Beficha
T.T.T.O. Avinoo and Ten Be, Berry Weber
Little Moishele, was a good boy, always doing what’s right
In the morning, Modeh Ani, and Krias Shma at night
But it all felt, so meaningless, why must I spend my time doing this
Why can’t I, be a free boy, doing what I wish
He went off the path, and ceased to believe
Joining his friends, they began to thieve
Little Moishele, a man now became
And everyone believed, he would never be the same
In the moonlight, one Friday night, he approached a home to steal
When suddenly, he heard a father, at the Shabbos meal
Listen to me, my child, for I will tell you why
Hashem is not just something, high up in the sky
Hashem has a reason, and he wants us to know too
The Torah tells us why we do what we do
When we learn Torah, it connects us to Hashem
We do Mitzvos with meaning Mit A Bren
Moishele now knows why, Hashem told him to do
The Torah taught him how to be a Jew
He’s always learning Torah, by night and by day
He sees the whole world, the Torah way