Bog War 5773

Camp Chayolei Hamelech Bog War

Theme Song of the Team of Melech
T.T.T.O. Niggun L’Shabbos V’Yom Tov
A bitter cold night very late, a soldier guards the palace gate
Standing hours not leaving at all
The next morning frozen cold, the soldier thinks he’s so bold
Showing off his great Kabolas Oil
How dare he freeze at his post, there is no reason he should boast
My soldier he
will no longer be
Serving me should have kept him warm, even through the worst of storms
The Czar shouted so angrily
When soldiers serve a king
They know they’re lucky
Don’t want a thing
Just to serve him is
all they need
Just like a human being
Without a heart cannot
do a thing
A king gives
life to everything
Chorus: We are - The soldiers of the Rebbe’s army, Oyinana nanam, Oyinana nanam We accept him as our majesty, Oyinana nanam, Oyinana nanam The fact that we serve him is not at all a burden It’s our purpose we joyfully fulfill X2
As soldiers of our king
We know we’re lucky
Don’t want a thing
To reach his goal is
all we need
By doing all that’s needed
Our mission will be comp
With the coming of
Moshiach our king