Bog War 5771

Camp Chayolei Hamelech Bog War

Team Kadur Ha'elyon Theme Song
New tune by Shmoozel Leemanov

Life was so very hard, for poor Reb Zalman
He toiled, yet with a raised chin
To have enough food ready, for his wife and family
Yet still a joyful Frum Yid to be

Then one day, a few men came his way
Smiles spread on their faces
The Galach said accept our way, you’ll see a brighter day
Don’t agree, your life I’ll take away

I will not forsake
I will not give up
My Yiddishkeit for anything
You can do what you wish
Even take my life
Hashem Echod I will forever cry

Three days passed by, on his way to die
Reb Zalman turned to his family and said
Meineh Kinder stand tall, for Yiddishkeit won’t fall
Moshiach will come and take us home