My Songs on Chayolei's New CD


Camp Chayolei Hamelech Color War 5773

Winning Alma Mater of the Winning Team of Who

T.T.T.O. Der Lumzer Lecho Dodi
Music and vocals by Chayolei CD
Lyrics written by Shmoozel Leemanov

Pesach time this past year
I sat together with my peers
We were discussing all the camps
We went to in the past

Which one had more trips, who had more fun
The heated debate, already begun
Wait my friends, I have to say
There’s something special in Chayolei

They all looked at me, explain please Yossi
What can it be, say already
Is it the sports, or is it the trips
I got up and opened my lips

Of course in our camp, we learn every day
We go on trips, and sports we play
So it might seem that we are the same
But let me tell you why that’s a shame

'Cause in camp Chayolei, we live in harmony
Having fun together, as one single family
To bring about Moshiach, is on everyone’s mind
Living with that mission, makes this camp one of a kind

Oh Chayolei it’s time to go
My friends and I all love you so
I feel like I’m leaving my family behind
A camp like this one, no one can find

But Chayolei there’s one thing I know
Your mission I’ll carry wherever I go
Telling the world all about our goal
Making Geulah a part of us all


Winning Theme Song of the Winning Team of Who
T.T.T.O. Shuva Shuva
Music and vocals by Chayolei CD
Lyrics by Chanoch Rosenfeld and Shmoozel Leemanov

Davening concluded, Shabbos afternoon
Chassidim are singing, excitement fills the room
Mendel feels the warmth of his father’s hand
Come along my son, the Geulah is at hand

The dancing increases, Mendel sings along
His heart starts pumping to the rhythm of the song
My son Her Zich Tzu, as I explain to you
How all this dancing has to do with you

For soon the Geulah, will finally be here
The chain of the Golus will all but disappear
Together we will fly, on clouds so very high
To the Beis Hamikdash coming from the sky

The streets will be rocking; we’ll dance night and day
Our joy will be endless, L’chaim we will say
The world will tremble, the nations will all know
That Moshiach is already home

The Shofar will be blown; we will speak of his name
And the world forever will be changed
We’ll see the Rebbe smile, millions will roar -
Yechi Hamelech forever more

Mendel my son it’s up to you and me
To make the Geulah a reality
By accepting Moshiach - the Rebbe, as our king
Together let us all continue to sing

יחי אדוננו מורנו ורבינו מלך המשיח לעולם ועד X2